Tuesday, November 19, 2013

new space.

I've found a new little space here on the web.
A place I can share my photography and thoughts.
I hope you will stop by and join me here from time to time.
PS - it's a bit of a work in progress, so don't mind the "construction" mess. :)


Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Oooh!! A new space! Isn't that a wonderful feeling? I love starting over and creating and putting little touches on things. (MY blog is clearly not an expression of this sentiment - lol!! But I DO like the thought of it!!)
LOVE this picture of Max… he is precious and the b&w is gorgeous! Beautiful as always! xo

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

And speaking of starting fresh and updating, etc… how do you like the avatar of Livia by my name where I left a comment - LOL!! I just noticed it… she's like TWO in that picture! ;-)